Leah Remini: Tom Cruise could ‘end’ Scientology if he wanted to

Tom Cruise, arguably the most famous Scientologist, has the power to “end” the controversial religion, says former member Leah Remini.

Appearing on Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday, the King of Queens star said that Cruise’s unique position within the organization gives him special power, and most members consider him their “messiah.”

“[Cruise] could end this single-handedly,” Maher proposed.

“He could end this, correct,” Remini agreed, adding, “because they are saying he single-handedly is ‘clearing’ the planet, is changing the planet, so most Scientologists believe.”

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(“Clearing the planet” refers to the Scientologist goal of eliminating “body thetans,” or aliens inhabiting the planet.)

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Remini claims that the rules are often bent for Cruise and other powerful members like actor John Travolta, but they’re still responsible for daily study, something every Scientologist must dedicate at least two hours to.

She went on to say that even the actor’s box-office failures  — like last year’s Jack Reacher — are explained away; members of the religion are told that “suppressive persons” (a.k.a. Scientology detractors) are responsible for Cruise’s flops.

WATCH BELOW: Tom Cruise credits Scientology for his success

Click to play video: 'Tom Cruise credits Scientology for his success' Tom Cruise credits Scientology for his success
Tom Cruise credits Scientology for his success – Oct 26, 2016
“Scientologists believe that if he didn’t make [Reacher] a hit, it was because there were suppressive, evil people working against him, because he’s winning in life and clearing the planet,” she said to Maher.
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Remini’s A&E docuseries, Scientology and the Aftermath, featured interviews with former Scientology members who told their stories of alleged abuse, trauma and family destruction. For her part, Remini came clean about her past and told eyebrow-raising tales about the inner workings of the religion.

In dozens of monologues peppered with s- and f-bombs, Remini also admits she was a victim of the Scientology “brainwashing,” saying that she was raised into it and didn’t know any differently. To this day, she still has difficulty acclimatizing to life outside the church, and she even questions her own day-to-day thought processes.

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The series, she claims, was her apology for promoting Scientology in the public sphere, and the exposure of the church isn’t meant to be malicious, but rather a wake-up call to those considering it or “trapped” in the religion. The allegations made by Remini and the guests on Aftermath are shocking, and if proven true in a court of law, we could be witnessing the final death throes of Scientology.

You can watch Remini and Maher’s discussion in the video at the top of this story.

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