BC Government allocates about $50 per student for school supplies

Mixed reaction to government decision to spend more on school supplies
WATCH: The B.C. Liberals’ announcement that it is spending nearly $30 million on school supplies is getting a mixed reaction from parents.

B.C.’s pre-election provincial budget will be delivered on Tuesday but the education ministry has already announced new money for classroom supplies.

School boards will get a $29.4 million increase this year for textbooks, computer programs, athletic equipment and art supplies.

It amounts to about $50 a student.

While extra funding is being welcomed, a member of the Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) says it’s not enough.

“So at this point any amount of money is a good thing,” says Dr. Farah Shroff, parent and Vancouver DPAC member. “We need more money. $50 per student is a good step, but for middle class and one percenter families it may be something or they don’t even need it. For working class families that’s simply not enough because parents have been fundraising for all kinds of things that are really necessary for very long and that’s something that should stop completely.”

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