Montreal cancelling snow-removal contract

Click to play video 'Sud-Ouest fires snow removal company' Sud-Ouest fires snow removal company
WATCH ABOVE: The City of Montreal and the Sud-Ouest borough are terminating the snow removal contract with Pavage d’Amour after what they claim is the “worst service” ever. As Global's Tim Sargeant reports, the company will finish this season’s contract before being replaced – Feb 16, 2017

Montreal city officials have had enough with Pavages D’Amour.

The executive committee is recommending to council that it terminate its five-year contract with the company at the end of this season, just one year into the deal.

Officials and councillors say the company has damaged private and public property on numerous occasions while performing its snow-clearing duties.

And they say Pavages D’Amour is failing to plow and remove snow in an adequate amount of time.

“The citizen – the borough – is certainly at a point where they’re fed up, this is not acceptable,” Pierre Desrochers, Montreal’s executive committee member in charge of finance, said Thursday afternoon.

Pavages D’Amour has a five-year, $16-million contract with the city for snow-removal operations in three boroughs: Sud-Ouest, Ahunstic-Cartierville and Lachine.

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They have until the end of this season to finish their job.

It’s the first time the executive committee has cancelled a contract with a snow-removal company.

“I’ve never seen such bad snow-removal service in my life and I’ve never seen such incompetency by a company,” Montreal city councillor Craig Sauvé told Global News.

The company has already been fined $150,000 by the City of Montreal for violating contract obligations.

Desrochers says if the company isn’t happy being given the pink slip, tough luck.

“We expect performance. They can be whatever they feel. That’s not my problem,” he said.

Montreal will launch a new call for public tenders later this summer for future years.