YWCA Lethbridge Women of Distinction: Erica Pyska

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WATCH ABOVE: She's a young entrepreneur making her mark in our city. Erica Pyska is being acknowledged with a YWCA Women of Distinction award for her innovation. Erik Mikkelsen has more – Feb 15, 2017

Erica Pyska is the proud owner of Plum, a restaurant in downtown Lethbridge. She is also now the proud owner of a new title: a recipient of the YWCA Women of Distinction award in the entrepreneurship and innovation category.

“I feel good. Humbled obviously,” Pyska said. “You know, when I first found out Kristin did this, you immediately think, ‘Oh, but I’ve made so many mistakes.'”

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Her nominator, Kristin Krein, describes Pyska with one word: “special.”

“Everyone that knows her knows that,” she said.

Krien believes there has been a positive impact and change in the community since Pyska became a part of it only a short time ago.

“I nominated her because she has supported every single venture that myself and my friends have started,” Krein said.

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“Every single event, every single art show, a lot of different community projects, a lot of great opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without the support of Plum.”

Pyska was honoured to be nominated by Krein because she is a previous Women of Distinction recipient.

“I’ve known many women who have been honoured with this. I think that’s really what makes it as important to me as it is,” Pyska said.

“I look at so many people that I have the pleasure of knowing and saying, ‘Am I one of these people? How did this happen?’ I still feel like the new kid on the block.”

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Krein credits Pyska for helping to transform the street where the restaurant is located. Before, she said it was quiet and now it is vibrant and full of powerful business women.

With this distinction, Pyska feels responsible to be a role model moving forward.

“I know I’m not done yet. I know there are more things in store,” Pyska said. “I’m very excited to continue to challenge myself and to continue to do new things and try new things and continue to influence people to do the same.”


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