Laval drivers asked to keep eyes out for deer on Highway 440


MONTREAL – A deer was killed by a car it tried to cross Highway 440 in Laval near the interchange with Highway 15, an area that typically hosts little to no wildlife.

Transport Québec patrols were alerted to four deer spotted in the area on Tuesday morning and tried to locate them in an effort to keep them away from the highway.

“But deer are difficult animals to contain,” spokesperson Louis Lalancette noted.

One of deer made it onto the highway and was struck by a car at about to 1 p.m.

A second car collided with the first vehicle shortly after.

No one was injured in the collision, and traffic was slowed momentarily as crews moved the animal to the right lane.

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Transport Quebec is advising drivers in the area to be alert, as three other deer are still at large.

Officials don’t know where the animals came from, but they believe the deer arrived in the area during the night.

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