Officials searching for more translators to aid survivors of fatal Oregon bus crash

One person in St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton, Oregon, remains in the critical care unit, while between 13 and 17 people are still in hospital as well following a bus crash on Sunday morning.

Twenty-six patients were transported to St. Anthony in total; five of them were reassessed and taken to other hospitals – four in Portland and one in Tri-Cities, Washington.

Nine people died in the crash after the bus smashed through a guard rail on an Oregon Highway and rolled down a 100-feet embankment near Pendleton. It happened at the start of a stretch of a hill called ‘Deadman Pass’.

While no names or nationalities of the victims or survivors are being released at this time, officials say they are looking for more translators to be brought in, as most people who were on the bus do not speak English.

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Survivors and victims are being brought to the conference centre in Oregon to get Red Cross services.

Family members from out-of-town are able to come to the centre to get updates on their loved ones, who are also being provided mental health counselling.

The hospital says they are getting calls from Canada and overseas looking for information on the people who were on the bus.

An update is scheduled for 3 p.m. today.