Some TekSavvy customers notified of possible file-sharing lawsuit by mistake

TORONTO – More than 40 TekSavvy customers were warned of a possible file-sharing lawsuit by mistake in early December due to a “limited time frame” to process a large amount of customer data.

According to the telecommunications company, 42 customers were wrongly notified that their accounts were listed by Voltage Pictures as being associated with an IP address involved in a copyright infringement.

“Since that time we have identified several errors in the original data, arising from the limited time frame in which TekSavvy had to process a large amount of data,” read an email sent to customers who were wrongly notified.

“Your account was mistakenly notified, and we sincerely apologize for any stress this has caused you in the last week.”

In a Dec. 10 blog post, TekSavvy CEO Marc Gaudrault said the company received a request for customer information linked to “over 2,000 IP addresses” from Voltage Pictures LLC, which planned to seek a court order on Dec. 17.

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Since then, the company has been sending affected customers emails warning them of the possibility of a legal case and advising them to seek legal advice.

The 42 customers who were wrongly notified were assured by TekSavvy that none of their personal information had been provided to Voltage Pictures.

“We are in the process of reevaluating all the data that we have been handed,” a TekSavvy spokesperson told Global News Thursday. “We are basically doing a triple check.”

Global News previously spoke with a former TekSavvy customer who had received an email stating that her ISP address was one identified by Voltage Pictures, but was later notified that she was contacted in error.

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