TekSavvy given more time to warn customers of possible file-sharing lawsuit

TORONTO – A Federal Court judge has given Canadian telecommunications company TekSavvy more time to advise affected subscribers of a possible file-sharing lawsuit against them.

In a Dec. 10 blog post, TekSavvy CEO Marc Gaudrault said the company received a request for customer information linked to “over 2,000 IP addresses” from Voltage Pictures LLC, which plans to seek a court order on Dec. 17.

Since then, the company has been sending affected customers emails warning them of the possibility of a legal case and advising them to seek legal advice.

Global News spoke with a TekSavvy customer who received an email stating that her ISP address was one identified by Voltage Pictures as being involved with copyright infringement.

“I was really surprised [when I received the email]. I’ve heard it anecdotally, because I have a friend who works in the industry, but this is the first I’ve heard of it actually happening to someone,” said the customer, who asked to remain anonymous.

“I’m trying to forget about it now especially during the holidays.”

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Voltage’s motion to get TekSavvy to hand over their customers’ identities will be heard in court on January 14.

According to the source, TekSavvy noted that they will notify her if she needs to seek legal help – for now it’s a waiting game. But she says the experience has not yet deterred her from downloading content without paying for it.

“If I have to pay the fine I will rethink it,” said the source. “It’s word of mouth, really. If I have to pay a fine I’ll tell my friends about the experience and that will create a culture against downloading.”

TekSavvy has stated that as long as they are provided with enough time to warn their customers, they will not oppose Voltage’s motion.

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