Saskatoon group says enough interest for tiny house village

A group has started the process for planning villages made up of tiny houses in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. File / Global News

A group has started work on development plans for villages made up of tiny houses in Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

Tiny House Saskatoon group organizer Crystal Bueckert said there’s a lot of local interest for mini dwellings in today’s real estate market.

“We have a lot of people interested in living minimally. A lot of people don’t want to own a house with a mortgage, so they’re downsizing, they want something small, they want something affordable,” Bueckert said at the group’s last meeting.

“It’s kind of a reaction to the large housing and suburban developments, so this is the other end of that.”

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The group is currently considering homes under 400 or 500 square feet. Bueckert said their biggest challenge will be incorporating tiny house on wheels (THOW) into the development as they do not have fixed foundations.

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There are 21 people interested in either a rural or urban development.

The group typically meets each month to brainstorm house layouts and community logistics.

“We are coming up with a list of our desires and needs and wants for developing an urban and a rural tiny house village … we’re coming up with a list to take to developers,” Bueckert said.

The group is starting feasibility studies to see what kind of land, organization and financing will be needed. Bueckert said the group is doing some basic site planning based on a poll and design program in order to present to possible developers.

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The organizer hopes to have people move in by the five-year mark.

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“A lot of people want it sooner, obviously, but with the way developments work, rezoning and getting developments happening in Saskatoon, it’s going to take longer than that,” Bueckert said.

The next meeting is on Feb. 18. For more information, visit the group’s Facebook page.

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