Family pet lost after December crash found safe and sound

Angie, a border collie that went missing near Beiseker, Alberta in Dec 2016.

She’s safe and sound, after nearly a month on her own.

Angie, a border collie, went missing on Dec. 23, 2016, following a collision in poor weather northeast of Calgary on Highway 21 near Highway 575.

That prompted a public appeal from Beiseker RCMP for any leads on her whereabouts.

RCMP said Angie was spotted “several times” after their appeal went out, but efforts to approach her failed because she was afraid of her would-be rescuers and backed off when they approached her.

Police said a friend of the family came up with an idea that proved successful – and that was to put a kennel out in the area where she was last seen, along with a blanket and some items from Angie’s family.

“It worked and the next morning, Angie was curled up on the blanket,” said Sgt. Glen Demmon, Beiseker RCMP.

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RCMP said the family is grateful for all the people who left food and water for Angie and took the time to search for her.

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