Jason Kenney reacts after former campaign member’s PC party membership pulled

PC leadership hopeful Jason Kenney reacts to news one of his campaign members has been banned from the party. Global News

PC Party president Katherine O’Neill confirmed Sunday that the party has pulled the membership of Jason Kenney campaign member Alan Hallman.

O’Neill went on to say Hallman would be banned from the party for a year. The ban includes all membership events during that time including Delegate Selection Meetings and the Leadership Convention. It also includes a suspension on accessing party data.

She went on to say the suspension was an internal party matter and fell under the Leadership Code of Conduct and Ethics that all candidates agreed on.

PC Party leadership hopeful Jason Kenney said Hallman will no longer be working on his campaign but said a double standard was at work.

“If every member of the party who has said far more vicious things about me were held to the same standard there would be quite a number of people- so I think we should focus on the big issues that matter to Albertans,” Kenney said.

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He went on to say he would respect the party’s decision: “our campaign will respect any decisions that are made by the central party we want people to remain civil and respectful. Frankly- Albertans want us to focus on the big economic issues not partisan twitter wars.”

O’Neill wouldn’t say why Hallman was banned, but said the decision was made after an in-camera board meeting on Saturday and the vote was unanimous.

Sources say Hallman made abusive comments on social media.

Hallman could not be immediately reached for comment on Sunday evening.

With files from Shallima Maharaj & The Canadian Press

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