Four-year-old boy gets a nod from BC Ambulance for making a vital 911 call

Amanda Carvalho calls her four-year-old son Matthew her little hero.

Last Monday, Carvalho was not feeling well and was on her way to hospital when she collapsed and blacked out.

Fortunately, her son knew exactly what to do.

He dialed 911 and calmly explained to the dispatcher that his mother was sick and fell down.

Carvalho eventually came to her senses and spoke to the dispatcher who told her it was her four-year-old son who made the call.

Daron McDonald was working that day and took Matthew’s call.

He says he knew the boy was just four years old, but you would not know it talking to him on the phone.

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“He definitely was very mature, very well collected and very calm, and answered everything accordingly. It was pretty awesome,” says McDonald.

Today, Matthew got to meet Daron and received a special ‘junior dispatcher’ certificate from the BC Ambulance for his courage and quick actions.

“It is pretty cool,” says McDonald. “It is not every day that you get to see the end story. So it was pretty cool to meet the little guy.”


Carvalho says Matthew became an instant celebrity in his neighbourhood after the original story aired on Global News.

“He is really loving the attention. We would go to a coffee shop and people would say – hey, are you the boy who called 911? It is amazing.”

Carvalho says it’s been a good experience, but above all it is about raising awareness about teaching children how to behave in emergency situations.

“It is all about showing people what happens when you teach your child to call 911,” says Carvalho. “I got lucky that I was not in a life-or-death situation, but had I been – I would have been saved.”


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