Edmonton mayor reads mean tweets about himself: ‘Have all you clowns been sampling crack cocaine?’

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson reads mean tweets about himself
WATCH ABOVE: In front of a large crowd, Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson reads mean tweets about himself.

As a politician, Mayor Don Iveson receives his share of scrutiny. Good or bad, many Edmontonians want to share their opinions on policy, infrastructure and how tax payer dollars are spent. But not all the feedback Iveson receives is constructive, per se.

As part of an improv comedy show put on by Rapid Fire Theatre Wednesday night, Iveson read out some of the funny, mean and downright vulgar tweets he receives on a daily basis.

“Bike lanes… Have all you clowns been sampling crack cocaine? $7 million for bike lanes. Are you all friggin crazy?” Iveson read. The tweet received a raucous roar from the crowd.

The next tweet read: “Just watched my first Oilers game at the new rink. Good game. New rink is junk. Transit system still junk. What a catastrophe.”

The next tweet received some of the biggest reaction and laughs of the night. Iveson said he hears from this Twitter user a lot.

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“The only thing Don Iveson should be pitching is himself out of town. What a disingenuous, populous s**t bag we have for a mayor. So disappointed.”

Some of the other tweets were a bit more light-spirited.

“How does Don Iveson always look like someone in a Don Iveson Halloween costume?” one read.

“Can you make the work day only 9-5 instead of 9-7?” read another.

“OK back to the curmudgeon. As an Edmontonian I can’t stand this light-weight Liberal mayor Don Iveson.”

After reading this tweet aloud, Iveson looked up at a screen displaying the tweet to the audience while the crowd erupted in laugher. Iveson joked that he has been trying to cut back on carbs.

The next tweet read: “Who called Edmonton Canada’s health city and how do they still have their jobs?”

Iveson came back with a witty remark.

“It’s a four-year term.”

The money raised from the show was donated to the United Way.

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