January 10, 2017 8:05 pm
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Baby gear: where to splurge and where to save

WATCH ABOVE: Preparing for a baby can cost parents thousands of dollars but there are some areas where they can save. Laurel Gregory touched base with baby gear guru Jamie Grayson for ideas.


Jamie Grayson may be childless but the Denver-based 38-year-old makes a living demonstrating and reviewing baby gear.

In fact, he loves the stuff so much he tours around North American speaking about it. We went to Grayson to find out where parents should invest and where they can save in their baby’s first year. Here are his tips:


Car seat:

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“If I were to break it down,” Grayson said, “I would say hands down your car seat is the most important investment you can make. It’s your insurance policy for your kid.”

Grayson says all car seats on the market meet minimum standards, however, buying higher-end models can include features that give parents more ease-of-use and installation features.

Crib mattress:

Grayson recommends a brand that is non-toxic and organic.

“You don’t know what’s in all the foam that could off-gas and in theory that’s what your baby’s little face is going to be on.”


According to Grayson, the stroller is one of the bigger ticket items parents can get a decent return on.

“There are strollers out there that are a whole lot of money and nothing ever breaks and you can resell them.”

Breast pump:

Grayson advises purchasing a new breast pump. He says buying used can present potential health issues and the pumps lose efficiency over time.

“The problem is pumps only have a warranty for X amount of hours or like a year so if you’re pumping a whole lot at work, or exclusively pumping or you’re sharing your pump, your motor gets used over and over and over so it will lose strength.”

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Ditch the extras:

Grayson recommends leaving behind products that aren’t necessities and won’t give you a return, such as wipe warmers and change tables. He says a dresser with a change pad can serve the same function as a change table.

Buy used:

Parents can save by taking up offers for hand-me-down clothes and purchasing cloth diapers. Grayson says “if you invest in cloth diapers, even to use on occasion, you will save a lot more money than if you solely use disposables all the time.”

Grayson is not paid to endorse baby products, however, he does work with sponsors on speaking events and social media campaigns. To check out his product reviews visit babyguygearguide.com


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