Judge allows Quebec City man to keep ‘Moko,’ 7-year-old pet crow

A file photo of a crow.
A file photo of a crow. Rhea Esposito via AP

A Quebec City man said he will be allowed to keep his pet crow after going to court to fight a fine for keeping the animal in captivity without a permit.

Simon Perusse said a Quebec judge cancelled the $650 fine and told him he could keep “Moko,” his seven-year-old pet bird.

Perusse said he tried to get a permit for the bird in 2015 after a landlord complained, but was instead fined by the province’s Wildlife Department and told the bird would be seized if the case was upheld.

The province requires a permit to keep wild animals in captivity and they generally aren’t allowed as pets.

But Perusse said the judge ruled in his favour Thursday, allowing him to keep the bird he rescued as an injured chick seven years ago.

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Perusse, who works as a guide at a traditional Huron site, said Moko can’t fly and often sits on his shoulder as he works.

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