Kate Middleton’s choice of maternity wear to influence trends

TORONTO – It’s an exciting time to be a fashion-forward mom-to-be.

Mere hours after news broke that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is pregnant with the heir to the throne, speculation surrounding what maternity wear the fashion icon would sport became a hot topic online.

Middleton has captured the hearts of women all over the world with her style choices and, now that she will be dressing to accommodate a growing baby bump, the maternity wear business is sure to benefit from her iconic style choices.

“I think that the choices that people make will be influenced by Kate’s styles and what she chooses. The buyers will have to see into that and populate their store accordingly,” said Dionne Klein of Belly Maternity in Toronto.

“I think her style is very classic and sophisticated. A few key staples that she would wear are a great blazer, lots of jersey fabrics with clean lines and draping, which is perfect for the maternity belly. I can see Kate wearing a combination of maternity and non maternity clothes, because her frame is slim.”

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Belly Maternity offers carries some of Middleton’s favourite brands, including JBrand who’s jeans happen to be available in maternity sizes.

Belly Maternity is in the midst of creating a private label that Klein says happens to reflect Middleton’s style.

“That may work out to our benefit,” said Klein.

But Middleton won’t be the first royal to make headlines with her choice in pregnancy attire.

Both times William’s mother, Princess Diana, was pregnant she influenced the industry with her unique style.

An article titled, “Princess Diana leads the way in setting maternity fashion,” written during her second pregnancy in 1984, raved about the princesses distinctive and “elegant” style.

“The Princess has been responsible for the success of more than one studio and this has continued during her pregnancy. Despite the variety of the royal maternity wardrobe, some of the princesses’ favourites from her last pregnancy have reappeared this year. The series of loose smock-type dresses designed by Chelsea Design Co. are still a favourite,” read the article.

Those waiting for a glimpse at the Duchess’s first maternity outfits have a while longer to wait – according to the release confirming her pregnancy she is in the early stages of her pregnancy.

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