The weirdest stuff that happened in B.C. in 2016, according to ScanBC

ScanBC / Twitter

From a man shooting himself in the face with a potato gun to a clown chasing people with a chainsaw, it was an eventful year in British Columbia, according to ScanBC.

If you live in B.C. and you’re on Twitter, you may have heard of an account called @ScanBC.

They call themselves BC’s online radio scanning community – “Your source for raw, unfiltered, local breaking news.”

According to their mantra, they tweet information heard over police, ambulance and fire radios. Often the news is timely and accurate, other times it’s unconfirmed. Sometimes it’s downright bizarre – and perhaps not even true.

The mysterious thing about ScanBC is no one really knows who operates the account. Some journalists have their theories, but no one has stepped up to the podium to claim the fame.

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One thing we all know, however, is that whoever is behind it has a pretty good sense of humour.

Whether these calls really happened or not, 2016 was another great year for some old fashioned ScanBC fun. In no particular order, we tracked down their weirdest tweets from this year.

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