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The most memorable videos of 2016


Another year of incredible video has come and gone. As we look back at 2016, here’s a collection of the most memorable moments captured on video throughout the year.

Escape from Fort McMurray

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Many residents of Fort McMurray captured their desperate evacuation from the Alberta town as a wildfire raged around them.  Resident Jason Edmondson’s video (see above) showed his terrifying escape, with the fire exploding right outside his car window. “[It’s] something I never want to go through again,” Edmondson told Global National anchor Dawna Friesen at the time. “It was like driving through a movie.”


Great white shark breaks into cage with divers

Dramatic video out of Guadalupe, Mexico showed the moment a great white shark broke through a diving cage with a diver still inside. Amazingly, the diver escaped the October 2016 incident without any injuries.


Buses, cars, trucks slam into each other in icy Montreal pileup

Montreal is no stranger to winter weather, but a particularly icy morning in December caused some traffic chaos on one steep downtown street. The wild video of two buses, a police car, a snow plough and several cars spinning out of control and smashing into each other captured worldwide attention.


Prince George denies Justin Trudeau a high five

The first visit to Canada by the young prince produced this viral gem as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got denied a high-five by the 3-year-old royal.


SpaceX rocket explodes on launch pad

A massive explosion rocked Cape Canaveral, Florida in September when a SpaceX Rocket blew up on the launch pad during a test.


Man shares dramatic survival story after grizzly bear attacks

A Montana man who survived two grizzly bear attacks in October recorded a video shortly after the maulings as a cautionary tale for other nature lovers.


Seal jumps on boat trying to escape pod of orcas

Some boaters near Powell River, B.C. were astounded when a seal decided to use their boat as a safe refuge from some killer whales on the hunt in August.


Dramatic crash on Calgary’s Deerfoot Trail captured on dashcam

Dashcam video once again finds a place on our year-end list with this dramatic high-speed crash on Calgary’s Deerfoot Trail between a car and a large truck back in January.


Man flies off water slide and down a rocky hill, but survives

A Dallas man knows his injuries could have been a lot worse after he flew off the side of a water slide and down a rocky hill in July. The harrowing misadventure was caught on camera.


“This is Fort McMurray burning”

Global News’ Reid Fiest, Loren Andreae and Dean Twardzik were in the thick of the Fort McMurray wildfire on May 3, when during a live report on Global National the fire grew increasingly close to them. The intense video was selected by YouTube as one of the top trending videos of 2016.


Harambe the gorilla drags child through its enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo

A witness captured the terrifying scene at the Cincinnati Zoo as Harambe, a male gorilla, grabbed and dragged a 4-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure.  Harambe was shot and killed by zoo authorities.


Man with Alzheimer’s makes emotional plea for friends to come talk to him

A Michigan man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease posted a heartbreaking video on Facebook in January asking for his friends to visit and talk to him like they used to before his diagnosis.


Massive explosion at Mexican fireworks market

The sky over Tultepec, Mexico was lit up on Dec. 20 by fire and fireworks after an enormous and deadly explosion rocked the local fireworks market.



Tempers can flare inside the House of Commons between our country’s politicians. But the tensions boiled over one afternoon in May when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was involved in a physical altercation on the house floor that would be dubbed ‘Elbowgate.’


Artichoke dip goes terribly wrong

I doubt Global News’ traffic reporter Leslie Horton ever thought her poorly made artichoke dip would trend worldwide. But that’s what happened after the video of her co-anchors gagging and choking on her holiday concoction went viral.


Dog says final goodbye to dying owner at his bedside

A touching video captured the moment a family dog got to bid farewell to her dying owner on a hospital bed in California.


Judge allows inmate to meet newborn son for first time

A judge in Louisville, Ky., allowed an inmate to meet his one-month-old son for the first time during a hearing last August.


Massive crane collapse in New York City

A cellphone captured the moment a large crane collapsed in lower Manhattan on Feb. 5.  The collapse killed 1 person and injured 3 others.


Tiger mauls woman to death at Beijing wildlife park

Shocking security camera video showed the moment a woman was pounced on by a Siberian tiger after she stepped out of her car while inside an enclosure at a Beijing wildlife park.  The woman was dragged away and mauled to death.


“Obama Out”

U.S. President Barack Obama’s final term comes to a close in a matter of weeks, but before he makes way for President-elect Donald Trump, sit back and enjoy the soon-to-be ex-president’s comedy stylings from his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits from the campaign trail

This collection wouldn’t be complete without a Donald Trump video. It was too hard to just include one moment, so here’s a compilation of the most shocking and memorable things Trump said while on the campaign trail.

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