‘Prince of Pot’ arrested as Montreal police raid Cannabis Culture store

Montreal police raided Cannabis Culture locations in Montreal, Friday, December 16, 2016. TVA

Just a day after their grand opening, some of the Cannabis Culture stores selling recreational marijuana were raided by Montreal police and owner Marc Emery was arrested.

The B.C.-based self-described Prince of Pot has been expanding his chain of dispensaries across the country, despite the fact that the drug is still illegal.

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Hundreds of clients lined the street throughout the day to make their first pot purchases at the Mount-Royal location.

The store reportedly sold out their stock, leaving only cash for police to find.

“It’s despicable and it’s an injustice, but we will win,” Emery said while being escorted to a police cruiser.

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“This arrest is wrong and prohibition is wrong. The prime minister is a disgrace and so is the mayor,” he said.

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Police confirm that they have made 10 arrests, none of which were clients. They also seized 40 pounds of cannabis.

Cannabis Culture dispensaries located on Pie-IX boulevard and Saint-Laurent street were also raided.

This came just hours after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to the possible opening of a dispensary in his riding.

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