Canadian Forces reserve unit, Cape Breton Highlanders, takes on Mannequin Challenge

Click to play video: 'Mannequin Challenge latest weapon in Cape Breton Highlander recruitment video' Mannequin Challenge latest weapon in Cape Breton Highlander recruitment video
WATCH ABOVE: The Armed Forces' 5th Canadian Division have released a new recruitment video in the form of the Mannequin Challenge, which shows what it takes to be a Cape Breton Highlander – Dec 8, 2016

A Canadian Armed Forces reserve infantry unit has joined in on a series of online videos called the Mannequin Challenge that have gone viral.

The 5th Canadian Division released a video on Thursday showing members of the Cape Breton Highlanders participating in the viral craze with the song Classic One by Authenik featuring Renizzle playing throughout the video.

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Maj. Jason Doyle with the Highlanders said the video is part of a recruitment effort.

“We just thought it was a fun way we could reach out to the public and introduce ourselves and show what we as an infantry unit with the Canadian Armed Forces do,” Doyle said. “We felt this was a way we could reach out to a demographic, the youth that may be out there looking for a part-time job.”

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The video begins outside the Highlanders’ base in Sydney, N.S., showing members unloading a vehicle as snow falls before moving indoors where a sergeant conducts an inspection of officers.

A camera then moves to band members frozen while playing music stationed in between tapestries with the Highlanders’ previous cap badges, then shows members going through their force test challenge with sandbags to test physical fitness.

Night-vision goggles are turned on as the camera makes its way down the stairs, first showcasing a member’s kit explosion — which Doyle said occurs when “your kit just seems to go all over the place when you’re trying to look for that one little thing.”

As the camera walks down the stairs it finds three members playing cards before turning around to where troops practice hall-clearing drills with guns pointed down a hallway.

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It ends with a member holding a claymore — a sword often used during parades — while standing next a flag with the cap badge for the Highlanders.

The Mannequin Challenge started earlier this fall and has since been replicated by musical artists at concerts, schools, sports teams, police departments and other organizations. People participating must remain frozen in a pose as a camera does a continuous shot throughout length of the video.


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