Contentious parents committee meeting highlights growing divide at LBPSB

An extremely contentious meeting of the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) parents committee is highlighting a widening rift at the board.

Two factions are forming in the wake of revelations that UPAC, Quebec’s anti-corruption squad is investigating.

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It was also recently revealed that chairperson Suanne Stein Day was the commissioner who committed breaches of ethical standards – something that was known to board members for months.

The committee leadership said it wants to move on and suggested at the meeting that dwelling on the investigation was siphoning time away from the board’s educational mission.

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Another group, including Verdun committee member John Ranger, is accusing the board of trying to wash over the matter.

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“For me to come here and agree with a process that shoves a very serious issue under the carpet is ridiculous,” he said, adding that the board is passing on an opportunity to prevent a similar matter from happening again.

Ranger referred specifically to a letter drafted at the meeting that sought to amend how the board handles ethics violations.

The committee leadership disagreed with the assertion that it is sweeping the matter under the rug, and insisted repeatedly that there is a process for complaints.

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Parents with strong opinions should “use that energy to express themselves in different subcommittees,” said Shane Ross, committee chairman.

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