LBPSB chair Suanne Stein Day admits she breached ethics code

Click to play video: 'LBPSB chair admits to breaching code of ethics' LBPSB chair admits to breaching code of ethics
WATCH ABOVE: At a public meeting Monday, Suanne Stein Day, chair of the Lester B. Pearson School Board admitted to breaches of ethics. But as Gloria Henriquez reports, Stein Day intends on continuing with her mandate despite calls for her resignation – Nov 29, 2016

After months of closed door discussions by the Lester B. Pearson School Board over the ethics breach by an unnamed commissioner, its chair, Suanne Stein Day, has confirmed that the commissioner in question is her.

In her speech at a public meeting at the board’s headquarters in Dorval Monday, Stein Day apologized to the public for her mistakes and the secrecy surrounding the issue.

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She said meetings the board have been holding behind closed doors were about a ‘significant revision’ of the code of ethics.

“The breaches of ethics identified by the ethics commissioner were not criminal nor immoral in any way,” Stein Day said.

“They related primarily to how I saw my role and how I interacted with my administration.”

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Stein Day went on to say the matter was resolved and closed.

Critics who were at the meeting weren’t satisfied by Stein Day’s speech.

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Luc Horne handed a petition which called for Stein Day to resign.

“I don’t buy that ma’am. What’s next?” asked John Ranger.

“I would like you to resign because what you have done is wreck the school board, wreck the community,” long-time critic Chris Eustace said.

Jim Wilson, a retired teacher said “in the name of God, go.”

“This board has lost its moral compass, you madam cannot serve with moral authority.”

Heidi Yetman, the president of the Teacher’s union, stepped in and asked for greater transparency.

So did Mary Rutherford, a spiritual animator and Allison Provost representing the board’s support staff.

After the meeting, Stein Day addressed the media, confirming she would not step down, to which a handful of people standing behind reporters clapped.

“I was elected to do the job and I’m gonna stay and do it as best as I know how,” Stein Day said.

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Board commissioner Noel Burke announced there will be a subcommittee in charge of revamping the Ethics Code ‘as soon as possible.’

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