Montreal pit bull ban: Quebec Court of Appeal reinstates bylaw

WATCH ABOVE: Montreal's controversial pit bull ban.

Montreal’s controversial breed-specific legislation was overturned in Quebec’s Court of Appeal Thursday.

It had been previously suspended by the Superior Court on Oct. 3.

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“Though the fight is not over, we are extremely disappointed by [the] decision and particularly preoccupied by not being able to continue finding adoptive homes in Montreal for all of our healthy and behaviourally sound dogs, regardless of their physical appearance,” said SPCA spokesperson Alanna Devine.

“The Montreal SPCA has, at the core of its mission, the protection of all animals, regardless of species or breed.”

The controversial legislation was introduced by the City of Montreal on Sept. 27.

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The lifting of the suspension order means many of the bylaw’s provisions targeting pit bull-type dogs will come into force, including the muzzling of certain dogs.

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The City of Montreal cannot issue euthanasia orders based on breed or physical appearance, prohibit someone from reclaiming their lost dog based on breed or physical appearance and must allow all dogs to continue to be adopted to families residing outside of Montreal.

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In their decision, the three judges of the Court of Appeal said they would limit the extent of the bylaw until a Superior Court hearing next year.

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