Quebec company serves up crème de la crème liqueur

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Entrepreneur Stevens Charles from LS Cream Liqueur joins Kim Sullivan and Laura Casella to talk about his new award-winning, made-in-Quebec cream liqueur – Nov 16, 2016

A Quebec company is making waves in the world of spirits with its award-winning LS Cream Liqueur.

“Our product, which is gluten-free and kosher, was awarded the gold medal at an international competition in Vegas, beating out 150 competitors in the cream category, ” Steven Charles, the man behind LS Cream Liqueur, said. Some of those competitors included heavyweights like Baileys.

A panel of judges, comprised of 32 professional tasters, rated the product for its taste and quality.

When asked, Charles, who grew up in Montreal North, said he wasn’t surprised by the company’s success, adding he’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

“I actually did comic books when I was seven years old,” he said. ” “I did it myself; drew it myself, had the story and sold it to my classmates.”

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Charles kept the comic book business going for six years.

He made the jump to liqueurs three years ago.

“The Italians have Limoncello and the Haitians have Crémasse, but it was never commercialized,” he said. “I saw somebody give it to somebody at Christmas and it was still handmade and I said, ‘You know what? It’s time.'”

Crémasse has deep roots in Haitian culture, with recipes being passed on from one generation to the next.

But the road to success wasn’t without challenges.

Charles had to prove himself in the United States before Quebec’s liquor board (SAQ) would agree to sell the product locally.

But now, three years into his venture, the SAQ is lining its shelves with LS Cream Liqueur.

But Charles is cautious in celebrating his success.

“Of course it’s a big thing. I know it. But I wasn’t jumping around,” he said. “I’m never satisfied. That’s maybe a criteria of an entrepreneur.”

To learn more about the liqueur and get some holiday recipe ideas, you can visit the LS Cream Liqueur website.


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