51 new emojis approved including hijab, breastfeeding and curling rock

Soon you will be able to send texts to your friends using emojis featuring a woman wearing a hijab, a woman breastfeeding, and one which many Canadians are sure to love: a curling rock.

The three emojis were among 51 new ones approved by the Unicode Consortium, the organization which bestows them to the world.

Other interesting new emojis include a flying saucer, the sandwich and the pie; which the organization notes can be sweet or savoury. (In my books, they are worlds apart.)

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Another emoji intended to cover two categories is the merperson which is intended to represent both the mermaid and her less popular sibling, the merman.

From vampires to zombies to elves, those that support the supernatural will also be able to share with their friends. Zombies and brains are also available for those that wish to send texts after watching the latest episode of the Walking Dead.

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Another one that will surely delight Canadians is a person with a headscarf while hipsters will appreciate being able to send pictures to their friends of a bearded person.

While the Unicode Consortium covered off more sections of the population with the update, in a sign that you can’t please everyone, some Twitter users pointed to their disappointment that there was still no emoji featuring redheaded people.

The list will not be finalized until the middle of 2017 so there is still time for gingers to be represented.

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