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Stories That Matter: Trusting your news source


“Local news reflects the mood of a community. We tell the stories, we balance, we are in the community, we do our homework, we inform and share. It is award-winning journalism – it is done right.” – Gord Gillies, Global News Anchor, Calgary

Global News is committed to covering local news. We have a strong, committed team of news reporters and anchors who are connected and engaged: reporters who take pride in their city and in doing their job delivering stories with local context and lots of personality. The stories that matter to our viewers also matter to our Global News team.

WATCH: Anchors from Global News in Calgary and Edmonton remember the stories that impacted them personally.


Trusting your news source

“We have to keep doing what we’ve been doing at our core. We have to be factual, we have to be trusted. You have to know that if we’re saying it, it’s true. We’re not making it up, we’re not twisting it, we’re not leaving something important out that changes the whole meaning of what’s being said.” –Shaye Ganam, Global News Anchor, Edmonton

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Despite reporters’ behind-the-scenes access to information, which they then pass on to the public, they do get caught up in the story. The Canadian election was no exception, says Edmonton anchor Nancy Carlson.

“Accuracy was so important. We don’t know the outcome, we are going along with the viewers. I was surprised at the outcome, too. This is such a huge change. Sometimes you are the viewer as much as being the presenter.”

News you can use

Global News’ coverage caters to the public with information that is relevant to their needs. Amber Schinkel, Global News’ Calgary anchor explains:

“We are providing viewers in the morning with news they can use. From road closures, to CTrain troubles, to what to wear for the weather. People are relying on you to find out how their day is affected. You know that people need that info. You have to maintain credibility, check all the facts, to ensure you are giving the right information.

“It means everything knowing that you are helping.”

WATCH: ‘Surviving the Slump’ helps those who have lost their jobs.

Creating content in our shows like Surviving the Slump that will keep viewers educated and asking questions is what Global strives to do.

“I envision this person sitting on their couch at five and six o’clock saying, ‘now what’?” said Linda Olsen of Global News Calgary. “It makes me feel compelled to help people. I promote this series, turn it positively, keep people informed, give them news that may spark an idea, spark hope, change direction, help them with the ‘now what’?

“I love the idea of how resilient Albertans are. We are reinventing ourselves! Stories on financial education in schools through junior achievement speak to educating our youth. Maybe by telling these stories, and through this series, we are a little part of that solution.”

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