Stories That Matter: On making a difference


“Local news reflects the mood of a community. We tell the stories, we balance, we are in the community, we do our homework, we inform and share. It is award-winning journalism – it is done right.” – Gord Gillies, Global News Anchor, Calgary

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Global News is committed to covering local news. We have a strong, committed team of news reporters and anchors who are connected and engaged: reporters who take pride in their city and in doing their job delivering stories with local context and lots of personality. The stories that matter to our viewers also matter to our Global News team.

WATCH: Anchors from Global News in Calgary and Edmonton remember the stories that impacted them personally.

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On making a difference

Global News Health Matters with Su-Ling Goh is an example of reporting that makes a difference.

“She does a great job. After her stories air, viewers call our newsroom, they even call me directly to donate to the causes, to the families, to help out. This is so rewarding! We know we’re reaching out, raising awareness, and making an impact,” Global News Edmonton anchor Gord Steinke said.

WATCH: A young Calgary boy who has been staying in Edmonton for very specialized care is being called a “miracle baby.” Su-Ling Goh has Isaac Tymchuk’s story, whose medical journey started before he was even born.

Alberta ‘miracle baby’ has one-of-a-kind heart surgery in Edmonton
Alberta ‘miracle baby’ has one-of-a-kind heart surgery in Edmonton

Not only do Global News anchors strive to make a difference, but they do it ways that go beyond Global’s newsroom. Jayme Doll, Calgary news anchor, volunteers for Journalists for Human Rights each year. Her experience with the organization changed her style of reporting.

WATCH: A Calgary caregiver volunteers to bring sterilization to a clinic in Africa.

“This experience has affected the way I report and the way I look at stories here at home,” Doll said. “It gives a perspective on life and I try to apply that. In order to have tolerance, and our world is changing so much, we have to bring the world to our neighbourhoods. We have a job to try and broaden horizons. It is very empowering.

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“We have a huge responsibility to our community. I am careful how I write, how I pack the story. I think of the ethics and how the audience feels.”

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And sometimes, making a difference isn’t always about covering serious stories. It’s about telling stories about the people in Alberta who do something special and who inspire others to take a chance. And sometimes it’s the quirky ones, too, as Kent Morrison explains.

“This guy is a professional stair climber. He loves it so much and doesn’t care what others think. He climbs stairs. It is so inspiring, his eyes actually sparkle speaking about it. People see him every day speedwalking through the halls, climbing the stairs–they know him. There’s that “guy”…but they didn’t know his story – now they do.”

WATCH: The uplifting story of a man who loves climbing stairs.

Trying to catch up with the HUB Mall runner
Trying to catch up with the HUB Mall runner

And of course, there are those monumental changes. The stories that go down in history and are change a city forever. Nancy Carlson believes the opening of Roger’s Place Arena was one of them.

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WATCH: A recap of live coverage from the opening of Roger’s Place Arena.

“When we did our live newscast from Roger’s Place Arena, inside I was just a kid in a candy store, you know? At one point I saw Wayne Gretzky and it took everything I had not to just run up and try and take a selfie with him. To bring that Edmontonians, to bring that excitement, it’s an incredible thing to be a part of.”

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