Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Analyzing all the romance rumours

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The Prince Harry-Meghan Markle rumour mill has been spinning double time over the past week, with unverified information being stated as fact and quotes from “insiders” and “sources” treated like the Holy Grail.

Allegedly, the prince, 32, has been in a relationship with American Suits actress Markle, 35, since the summer, and the two have reportedly spent the last week in her downtown Toronto home. (Suits shoots in the city.)

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None of the rumours below have been proven, but perhaps the most interesting fact about this story is neither Buckingham Palace nor Markle’s reps have outright denied the pair’s relationship; that, at the very least, lends the fairy-tale relationship some credibility. All Markle’s rep has said (to U.K.’s The Sun) is the romance is still “unofficial,” before adding the cryptic “however, should this be confirmed by the Palace, all of us at Kruger Cowne are delighted for them, and wish them well.”

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We’ve broken down each of the rumours, and ranked their plausibility with — what else? — bananas.

(🍌 = Likely 🍌🍌 = Could be true 🍌🍌🍌= Unlikely 🍌🍌🍌🍌= Too bananas to be true)

Prince Harry has spent the last week at Markle’s Toronto-area home


Markle lives just outside the downtown core of Toronto, so it’s possible that the pair has been staying indoors, as many sources have reported. Some neighbours claim that they’ve seen Prince Harry (and many black SUVs) on the street over the past week. In her first interview since these reports started coming out, Markle said she’s “the luckiest girl in the world.” Many outlets have taken this quote and ran with it, assuming it means that Markle is in love. Reading the interview in context, however, Markle focuses more on her charity work, her family and travelling rather than any romance. But who knows? Maybe “travelling” is a euphemism for “visiting Kensington Palace.”

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Prince Harry took a commercial flight from the U.K. to Toronto on Oct. 28


Prince Harry? Fifth-in-line to the Throne? Commercial airline? Our monocles are practically shattering at that suggestion. Apparently, Prince Harry took a flight with the peasants, accompanied by only one security guard. Considering that Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, took a commercial flight in October and the universe nearly imploded, it’s difficult to believe that Prince Harry wouldn’t draw any attention from fellow passengers. Not a single selfie or paparazzi shot was taken? That must be one adept security guard.

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It seems much more likely that the prince was escorted by a team, and if he did in fact take a commercial flight, he must’ve sneaked onto the plane last minute or worn a heavy disguise. Maybe he just wore his Halloween costume for the duration.

Markle’s Instagram photos are a nod to her new beau


The first Instagram photo Markle posted (on Oct. 31) was of two bananas spooning, leading many to speculate that this was her way of saying goodnight to her long-distance boyfriend. But that makes no sense if Prince Harry was actually staying at her house. Maybe it’s some cute inside joke?


The only thing we can glean from this posting is that Markle has a man in her life, based on the spooning banana. But even then, that’s not a guarantee. (Yes, we’re analyzing a picture of bananas at this point.)

Markle’s second posting (on Nov. 1) is far more of a hint that there’s something going on.


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Tea (so British) and a puzzle (not so British) seems like a clever nod to staying indoors with your love, doesn’t it?

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Markle’s ex, Toronto chef Cory Vitiello, was overheard saying that he and his girlfriend broke up in July, so we know that the pair is not together. Reportedly, he’s refusing interviews with British outlets, who’ve been ringing his phone off the hook.

Markle’s much-ballyhooed bracelets are a gift from Prince Harry


On Oct. 20, Markle posted a photo of herself to her Instagram, and eagle-eyed royal fans noted that her beaded bracelets were markedly similar to those worn by Prince Harry. Many speculated the bracelet was a gift to the actress. There’s no denying the bracelets look virtually identical, and that would be one heck of a coincidence.


Prince Harry introduced Markle to Prince Charles


This postulation — though major and quite advanced for a burgeoning relationship — seems to be likely, with many witnesses reporting seeing Markle at Kensington Palace and meeting Prince Charles.

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Meghan Markle’s Tabloid Spotlight
Meghan Markle’s Tabloid Spotlight

Prince Harry and Markle are ‘almost engaged’


This one takes it just a bit too far. There is absolutely zero proof that the two are heading towards marriage. If Markle and Vitiello broke up in July, and even if she and Prince Harry started dating immediately post breakup, then they’ve only been dating — long distance — for just over four months. To say that a member of the royal family would jump into marriage with such a cavalier attitude seems preposterous.

But then again, this is Prince Harry, the man known for bucking royal tradition.

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