Man allegedly kills girlfriend after she refuses marriage proposal

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WATCH ABOVE: An Indiana man has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting his girlfriend after she declined his marriage proposal. David MacAnally has the story – Oct 28, 2016

An Indiana man has been arrested after he told police that he killed his girlfriend after she refused his marriage proposal.

Jason Eaton, 43, is suspected of shooting his girlfriend, 44-year-old Wendy Sabatini, on Oct. 25 in the back of the head after she told him she wouldn’t marry him.

Eaton had approached Sabatini with the ring in her bedroom but she declined before he could propose, according to NBC affiliate WTHR news.

That’s when it’s suspected Eaton retrieved a gun from the nightstand and shot Sabatini.

He later went to the Greensburg police station and asked to speak to an officer, allegedly confessing to the shooting of Sabatini.

“I’m devastated. Something like this doesn’t happen in our small town. The neighbors are numb,” said a woman who lived in the same neighbourhood as Eaton and Sabatini to WTHR.

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“They were just good people. All of them. It’s just hard to see something like this happen. I’m sorry,” said another neighbour.

When officials arrived to Sabatini’s home, they found her son eating dinner. He had just returned home from school and assumed his mother was at work.

Police then found Sabatini deceased inside of her bedroom, along with a gun.

Sabatini was a mother of two and a grandmother.

Eaton and Sabatini worked together at a local auto parts factory.

Eaton has been charged with murder.

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