CETA: Trudeau staying home as plans to sign Canada-EU trade deal fall through

WATCH ABOVE: Why is Wallonia against CETA?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be travelling to Europe to attend a CETA summit originally planned for Thursday, as the European Union negotiates to salvage the troubled Canada-EU trade deal.

“The Canadian delegation will not be travelling to Europe tonight,” said Alex Lawrence, press secretary for Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland in an email to Global News Wednesday evening.

“Canada remains ready to sign this important agreement when Europe is ready.”

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The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement has hit an impasse, as a region of Belgium called Wallonia refuses to agree to the deal widely accepted by the EU’s 28 member states. The deal needs unanimity to be approved.

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Belgian politicians have been negotiating for two days in an attempt to come to an agreement, with talks set to continue Thursday.

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Freeland travelled to Belgium last week in an attempt to convince Wallonia to agree to CETA, but in the end walked out, saying “the European Union is incapable of reaching an agreement.”

The minister has been harshly criticized by the Tories for the move, with trade critic Gerry Ritz telling her to, “roll up your sleeves and don’t leave.”

Trudeau has also spoken to European Parliament President Martin Shulz in an attempt to save the deal.

CETA has been in negotiation for seven years.