Dashcam video captures close call with school bus outside Regina

Click to play video: 'Regina man captures video of aggressive school bus driver' Regina man captures video of aggressive school bus driver
WATCH ABOVE: Most of us have experienced aggressive drivers at one point or another. But imagine if it was a school bus driver on the highway. As Christa Dao explains one Regina man captured it on video – Oct 24, 2016

A Regina truck driver is speaking out after capturing video of a school bus driver driving aggressively on Highway 11 near Lumsden, Sask.

Mike Janecka’s one minute dashcam video shows the bus driver speeding up beside him and then aggressively passing him on the highway.

Click to play video: 'Raw video of close call with bus driver on Saskatchewan highway' Raw video of close call with bus driver on Saskatchewan highway
Raw video of close call with bus driver on Saskatchewan highway – Oct 24, 2016

“He was just basically, cut me off, and then if you watch close to the video at the end, he even cut off the pickup truck,” Janecka described.

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He said he was forced to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting the school bus. He estimates the bus driver must have been going close to 115 km/h.

“[I] basically started braking because I didn’t want to end up in the ditch,” Janecka said.

“Basically, I [had] three options: ditch, accident, or slam on my brakes, so I choose slam on my brakes.”

The video was recorded Oct. 15, on a Saturday morning. Janecka said he didn’t see any school children on the bus at the time, but said that’s not the point.

“If every school bus driver [is] doing this, how can we trust [them]?” he said.

As a veteran truck driver by trade, Janecka said he knows dangerous driving when he sees it.

“I see lots of different stuff, and I think this is dangerous driving, especially on a school bus.”

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Janecka submitted the video to the North East School Division and has filed a complaint.

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The school division’s superintendent of school services Rob McKay said the division is looking into the incident.

“We certainly take student safety seriously and every complaint we get, we review seriously and we would investigate thoroughly and that’s what we’re doing here,” he said.

McKay added that they have identified the driver in the video, but said it is too early in the investigation to say if there will be any disciplinary action.

Janecka said he doesn’t want the driver fired but wanted to highlight his aggressive behaviour.

“I don’t want him to lose his job, but I want him to know that for the future, he shouldn’t be doing that.”

Janecka said there should be regulations on how fast school bus drivers can drive — similar to his company’s truck regulations.

“Every company has a policy… [our] trucks must be governed to 100 km/h or 105 km/h,” he said.
“I think the school buses should have to have this as well, especially they [carry]… kids.”
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