Lorne Figley, world’s oldest plumber, has no plans to retire

Saskatoon is home to Lorne Figley, the world’s oldest plumber who has no plans to retire anytime soon. Brice Perkins / Global News

A celebration took place Sunday at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Saskatoon for former alumni Lorne Figley.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Figley, 92, is the world’s oldest plumber.

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He has been operating Broadway Heating for 65 years.

The institute announced that an award under Figley’s name will be given to an apprenticeship student who receives the highest marks on his or her journeyperson exam for a trade of his choosing.

The record holder, who turns 93 in December, contributes his longevity to a passion for learning.

“I don’t know, I’m addicted to learning so I’ve taken virtually hundreds of classes about things and I think that’s what keeps you going,” Figley said.

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He has no intention of retiring anytime soon and hopes to die with a pipe wrench in his hand.

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He also had advice for those looking to become plumbers.

“Plumbing is good trade and you’ll never be out of work. It best suits someone with strong math skills and problem solving ability.”

Figley is also proud of his achievements and being a world record holder.

“My children and grandchildren include three engineers, four PhDs, a nurse, a lawyer and a veterinarian, but I’m the only one with a Guinness world record.”

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