Sask. Polytechnic students give free dental work to those without insurance

One hundred people receive free dental work courtesy of Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Krista Sharpe / Global News

REGINA – If not properly insured, dental fee’s can get expensive. That’s why students in Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s dental hygiene program are lending a hand for free.

Nearly 100 patients showed up Saturday afternoon, and experienced an hour wait to receive their free dental work.

The one-day program has been running for five years and the popularity has already doubled from last year.

“We’re seeing a lot of recent Syrian refugees that are coming in and I think we have about 20 in for today which is awesome,” second-year student Kaelyn Oberle said.

The students said they love to help out in the community.

It gives them hands on experience and a chance to share what they have learned in the classroom. For some, dental health is a passion because it reflects so much more.

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“The importance of dental health is that it’s related to your overall health, and a lot of people don’t realize that it’s a cyclic relationship; diabetes, cardiovascular disease,” dental assistant and second-year student Leah Bedard said.

“It’s all related to your dental health so getting one thing on track can help with your overall.”

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