Moaning, shuffling, ravenous, putrid rotting walking corpses – zombies. Matt Mogk is obsessed with them. It all began when he saw Night of the Living Dead, a classic horror film.

“So there’s a scene where the little girl, is sick in the movie and she turns into a zombie and eats her parents.”

But for Mogk, it’s not just a movie – It’s a warning.

“That’s why I don’t want kids.”

For more than a decade, Mogk has been preparing himself for the rise of the ghoulish, flesh-eating hordes.

“Basically they’re a virus with legs and teeth,” he says. “So they’re just trying to eat their way through humanity until no one is left.”

Mogk’s even prepared a hideaway in his own home, safe from the moaning ranks of the undead:

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“I would break a hole in the floor of that closet and I would break a hole in the ceiling of that closet and I would seal the closet off – And I would actually live under my house”

In the United States, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention knows many people like Mogk are preparing for a zombie outbreak. What’s more, they encourage it. Preparing for a zombie apocalypse is a lot like preparing for a real-life major disaster.

“I don’t use it as a metaphor,” says Mogk. “I’m actually afraid of zombies.”
Mogk started the Zombie Research Society to share knowledge about the monsters – their psychology, their physicality, and their one weakness:

“Whatever it takes you’ve got to destroy the brain,” says Mogk. “You destroy the brain, you destroy the zombie.”

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