Vancouver animal rights activists gather in support of Ontario woman caught in ‘pig trial’

Click to play video: 'Raw: Vancouver animal rights activist protest ‘pig trial’' Raw: Vancouver animal rights activist protest ‘pig trial’
WATCH RAW: Animal rights supporters gathered in front of a B.C. courtroom to protest charges laid against Anita Krajnc. She faces mischief charges for giving water to pigs on the way to a slaughterhouse – Oct 3, 2016

About a dozen animal rights activists gathered in Vancouver Monday morning in support of an Ontario woman who gave water to pigs headed for the slaughterhouse.

Anita Krajnc, an activist with the group Toronto Pig Save, has pleaded not guilty to a mischief charge in the June 2015 incident, when she poured water through the portholes of a truck carrying the pigs on a hot day.

Speaking in a Burlington, Ont. courtroom Monday, Krajnc said she felt she was treating the pigs as they would want to be treated. Krajnc said she “was just following the golden rule” and one of her defence lawyers claims his client was actually acting in the public good. However, the Crown maintains she was tampering with the farmer’s property.

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The animal rights activists who came out in Krajnc’s support in Vancouver Monday held posters saying, “Pigs are not property” and “I stand with Anita: Compassion is not a crime.”

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“We are standing in solidarity with her,” activist Meghan Beattie told Global News. “It’s our duty to bear witness, see these animals and not think of them as property. They have personalities and they deserve to be safe, happy and free.”

Beattie says it does not apply just to pigs, but to all animals used in meat production.

“Their lives are horrifying and it’s not fair,” she said.

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