4 lanes of Plessis Underpass open Friday morning

WATCH: All four lanes of the Plessis Underpass are finally open to drivers Friday. The project was years behind schedule and millions over budget.

WINNIPEG — Your drive along the Plessis Underpass is about to get easier. After years of delays, all four lanes are finally opening Friday.

The new lanes at the underpass will be available to drivers starting at 11 a.m.

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The project was originally slated to be complete in 2014, but had many delays and was millions of dollars over budget. It was originally estimated to cost of $77 million. However the final price tag was around $8.4 million over budget.

In October 2015, the city opened two lanes to the underpass, and drivers were able take it between Dugald Road and Kernaghan Avenue.

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The project separates trains from cars, cyclists and pedestrians. The city said the area will be safer and more efficient.


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