Crawford Falls climber rescued

Local search and rescue officials say a climber is lucky to be alive after falling while attempting a free-climb at Crawford Falls in Kelowna.

The incident happened Saturday when the man was hiking along the Crawford Falls trail and decided to attempt the climb. He fell 30 feet.

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue attempted to rescue the man using a helicopter but it was grounded because it was too dark. So an attempt was made to bring the man to safety using ropes. COSAR joined the Kelowna Fire Department’s rope rescue team in hauling the man up a steep incline in the dark to an ambulance.

Officials say the man’s injuries are serious but not life threatening.

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More than 20 personnel from four different agencies were involved in the rescue.

“This rescue highlighted the importance of inter-agency cooperation and teamwork,” said Ephraim Nowak of Central Okanagan Search and Rescue. “This was the second rescue from the Crawford Falls trail network in one month, and hikers are reminded to wear proper footwear and to heed warning signs in local parks.”

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