NB Premier Gallant ‘proud of accomplishments’ at mandate’s midpoint

WATCH ABOVE: At the midpoint of his mandate, New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant says the first half of his term has been a successful one, as they have made significant investments in education and set out a solid plan to balance the books. Global’s Jeremy Keefe reports.

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant calls the investments his government has made in education and infrastructure some of the highlights of his time in office as he nears the midpoint of his mandate.

Sept. 22 marks two years since the Liberals beat the PC party in the last provincial election.

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He says since then key investments have contributed to a “righting of the ship” for a province marred by debt.

“We’re very pleased that in 2015 we saw the New Brunswick economy grow by 1.9 per cent,” Gallant said. “It was one of the largest increases we’ve seen in years and was also the fourth-largest increase in the country.”

Nearly one year ago, a change in federal leadership was welcome news for Gallant as Justin Trudeau won the federal election and became prime minister.

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Gallant says working with the federal government has made it easier to reach the goals his government has set for the province.

“We’re investing together to make sure that our university and college infrastructure is up to date and that we’re giving [students] the environment that they need to give good educational outcomes to our students.”

Often calling his job as premier the best in world, Gallant remains upbeat about what his government has accomplished so far and where his government is taking the province going forward.

But he admits the role isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, pointing to the closure of PotashCorp’s Picadilly Mine in Sussex as the low point of his time in office.

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“That was a dark day for all of us,” said Gallant

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“It’s one that I won’t forget anytime soon,” Gallant said. “And it’s one that will continuously remind me of the importance of us staying focused on the economy and job creation.”