Norwegian black metal musician ‘not pleased’ after being voted into office

Darkthrone member Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell poses with his cat Peanut Butter.
Darkthrone member Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell poses with his cat Peanut Butter. Facebook / Oppegård Venstre

Gylve ‘Fenriz’ Nagell has made a career evoking dread and evil with the legendary Norwegian metal band Darkthrone. Now the musician has a new gig – town councillor – and he’s not too pleased about it.

Kolbotn, a suburb of Oslo, will have Nagell as an alternate representative on the council after residents overwhelmingly voted him in despite his attempt stay out of local politics.

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Norway’s Liberal Party asked Nagell to run for the position a year ago. He grudgingly accepted, thinking that nothing would come of it.

“I said yeah, thinking I would be like 18th on the list and I wouldn’t really have to do anything,” Nagell told music site CLRVYNT.

Realizing there was at least the possibility of getting chained down to the bureaucratic world of town council, Nagell tried to sabotage his chances. He released a picture holding his cat with “Please don’t vote for me” attached to it.

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The campaign strategy backfired.

“People just went nuts. After the election, the boss called me and told me I was a representative,” Nagall told CLRVYNT. “I wasn’t too pleased, and I’m not too pleased about it.”

Nagall now serves as a backup councillor for the town of around 9,000 people. And there isn’t much he can do about.

“If you get voted in, you have to stay in that position for four years,” Nagall said.

“It’s boring. There’s not a lot of money in that, either, I can tell you!”