Toronto Hydro lifestyle magazine called waste of money by hard-hit energy consumer

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WATCH ABOVE: Toronto Hydro lifestyle magazine called ‘waste of money’ – Sep 14, 2016

A magazine produced by Toronto Hydro is filled with energy saving tips for homeowners, but some hydro customers dealing with skyrocketing energy rates say it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Tips on how to make oatmeal or decorative wreaths fill the pages of Colourfall T.O., but at a time when consumers are feeling the burn on increased energy prices — some are left wondering if the money would be better spent elsewhere.

“They’re giving you tips on how to cook overnight,” said Sasha Rose-Dileo, a small business owner of a Toronto print shop who told Global News her profits had been eaten away by rising hydro rates. “Seriously?”

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Rose-Dileo said she’s wondering why Toronto Hydro is in the magazine business at all, especially since it would cost more than $75,000 to produce and deliver.

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“What it’s full of is tips on how to conserve energy, how to lower or manage your energy costs,” Toronto Hydro spokeswoman Tori Gass said.

“What we’ve done is we’ve taken a lifestyle approach with this booklet.”

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Gass said many of their customers are not online and actually appreciate the old-fashioned magazine approach.

“Environmentalists are going to challenge this because it’s just going in the landfill,” said marketing expert Tony Chapman, adding that the magazine approach “archaic.”

“The interesting thing is that there’s some great content here; how to save energy, how to get your house ready for fall.”

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But Chapman said Toronto Hydro should have put the content online in video form on websites such as YouTube.

Rose-Dileo said that if the energy giant has some extra money to spend, she has a better plan for it.

“That’s ridiculous,” she said. “Give me a $10 rebate on my bill instead of a magazine.”


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