Homework or a ban on it: province of Manitoba says its up to your teacher

WINNIPEG — A Facebook post that’s making its rounds from a Texas teacher is prompting the question here in Winnipeg, is homework necessary?

Earlier this month, a Texas teacher wrote to the parents of her grade two students saying the only homework the kids will have is whatever they may not have finished in school during the day.

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That has parents and kids talking, even on the streets of Winnipeg.

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In a world where kids are busy, parents are even busier shuttling kids back and forth from different activities. One Winnipeg School Division Educator says that homework for younger kids is just adding to the laundry list of things parents already have on the go.

“It’s not fair to impose that as a regular routine on some parents who come home after working eight hour shifts and are exhausted,” said Winnipeg School Division Educator Keith Strachan.

But, while some parents agree it is difficult to get to after a full day of work and then running errands and taking care of the kids, others have weighed in saying education is key in the household beyond what is learned in the classroom.

“Not giving them any homework, they’re not going to learn,” said one mom.

An elementary school in Quebec said they banned homework in 2014 and continue with the same practice as they’ve seen happy students and good results.

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If you’re wondering if you could see a ban on homework in a Manitoba classroom, this is what the Spokesperson of the Manitoba Education and Training said:

“Classroom teachers set the instructional activities for their classroom to engage students in learning and academic success.  This would include a decision on whether or not to assign homework.  There is no provincial policy that governs whether or not teachers should assign homework.”

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Wondering if homework will be in your future this coming school season? That’ll be up to your teacher to decide.


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