Toronto theatre fed up with Pokemon Go users on app during performances

The Ed Mirvish Theatre is asking visitors to stay off their phones and stop playing Pokemon Go during performances. Tomohiro Ohsumi / File / Getty Images

The Ed Mirvish Theatre is appealing to Pokemon Go app users to put their phones away during performances of the musical Matilda after Pokestops have been discovered at the Toronto theatre.

“Don’t do it! Put your phones away during the show,” a statement from Mirvish Productions read on Wednesday.

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The production company said staff have noticed audience members have been arriving earlier than usual over the “last months.”

They also noticed increased phone usage before the show and during intermission.

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It wasn’t until a staff member “accidentally saw the phone screen of one of the preoccupied audience members” and it turned out the visitor was on the app.

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If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, don’t despair. The theatre said it is “delighted” by the Pokestops. But staff are asking for people to save Pokemon Go after the show.

Global News has reached out to the game’s developer, Niantic, Inc., for comment but has yet to receive a response.

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