Lotto Max jackpot could hand out over $100M in prizes tonight

Click to play video: '$101-Million on the line tonight in the Lotto Max draw' $101-Million on the line tonight in the Lotto Max draw
Can you imagine winning a share of this massive jackpot? $60 Million for the big prize and 41, one-million dollar giveaways. Jennifer Palma has more – Aug 12, 2016

If the stars align, it may be a big night for at least one Canadian as the Lotto Max jackpot could hand out over $100 million in prizes Friday.

The weekly draw is set to reach an estimated $60-million jackpot with an extra $41 million in $1-million giveaways.

There hasn’t been a winning ticket sold in Canada since June 18 when the $55-million ticket was sold in Ontario. It’s only the 11th time the lottery has reached $60 million.

Lotto Max said there is a one in 28.6 million chance of winning the jackpot – i.e. getting seven out of seven numbers correct.

According to scientists, you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning (one in 10,000 in a lifetime), getting hit by a meteor (one in 700,000) and winning an Olympic gold medal (one in 662,000) than winning the lottery.

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