CrocTalk owner pleads guilty wildlife charges

CrocTalk owner pleaded guilty to possessing wildlife charges.
CrocTalk owner pleaded guilty to possessing wildlife charges. Facebook

The former operator of Kelowna’s CrocTalk Conservation and Rescue has pleaded guilty to charges under the Wildlife Act.

John Douglas Illman operated the crocodile rescue for 13 years before being evicted from his home above the facility last summer.

The animals are classified as controlled alien species and a permit is needed to keep them.

Illman’s temporary business and zoo permits had expired and were not renewed a year ago.

He was charged earlier this year.

Illman has pleaded guilty to eight charges, including violating regulations by the Lieutenant Governor of Council and unlawful possession of live wildlife.

The offences took place from May 2014 to February 2015.

Co-accused Brenda Bruce was also facing three charges of unlawful possession of wildlife, but those charges have now been dropped.

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— with files from Blaine Gaffney