Nuttall and Korody taken into custody and re-released hours after winning freedom

Nuttall and Korody terror verdict overturned due to entrapment by RCMP
John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were released, detained, and released again, in a confusing series of events today, after a B.C. Supreme Court judge overturned their terror-related convictions. The ruling was a result of what the judge claimed was a poorly conducted sting operation.

Within hours of their release, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, were taken into custody by Vancouver Police.

The mother of John Nuttall, Maureen Smith, told Global News the pair was arrested on Commercial Drive after having lunch.

Smith said four police cars arrived and the pair was taken in handcuffs.

Just hours earlier a B.C. Supreme Court judge had ruled the RCMP had entrapped the pair to blow up the Legislature three years ago.

A source told Global News that Crown is seeking conditions on their release because it believes the couple is still a threat.

According to the Canadian Press the couple have since been released again under a peace bond. Lawyer says there’s a hearing set for September 7.

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Lawyer analyzes judges decision in Korody and Nuttal case
Lawyer analyzes judges decision in Korody and Nuttal case

What’s next for John Nuttall and Amanda Korody? Lawyer Paul Doroshenko has reaction to today’s ruling from a B.C. judge that the accused terror plotters were entrapped by the RCMP.