September 8, 2012 3:27 pm
Updated: June 14, 2013 9:59 am

Lone survivor of HUB mall shooting attends fundraiser in his honour


EDMONTON – For the lone survivor of the HUB mall shooting and his family, June 15, 2012 will be a day they will not soon forget.

In the early morning hours of that tragic day, Corporal Matthew Schuman was shot in the head after one of his co-workers allegedly opened fire. Three of Schuman’s other peers did not survive that day.

Saturday afternoon, Schuman made his first public appearance at a fundraiser is his honour. Hundreds of family, friends, even complete strangers gathered at CFB Edmonton for a barbeque and show n’ shine fundraiser event.

All eyes were on Schuman, as he laughed, talked and enjoyed time with his family and friends.

“(I’m) honoured that he’s out to say hi to his fellow brothers and to some of the public,” says crewmate and event organizer Mike Yorkston adding, “Here he is talking, saying hi to people. He’s got an overall great attitude.”

“What happened to him and how he’s doing now is a miracle,” says Yorkston adding, “He’s a tough individual. He’s quiet on the crew, but he’s one of the strongest.”

Others that have worked with Schuman agree. James Buckley is his Platoon Chief and has work with him for two years.

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“Matt has always been a stubborn guy and I think that’s part of the reason why he is here today.”

Even complete strangers came out Saturday afternoon, to show support for Schuman and his family.

“It’s a small community, fire in general, we’re a brotherhood so we’ve got to be out there and support each other,” says Brandon Gaulden with Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.

It’s hard to believe just three months ago, Schuman was clinging to life. Schuman had been working part-time for G4S, at the time. After being shot he underwent surgery to remove the lodged bullet in his head. He spent a week in the ICU at the University of Alberta hospital, then two weeks in the neurological wing. In mid-July Schuman was transferred to the Glenrose, where he began a rehabilitation program.

While his road to recovery will be long, he is walking, talking and co-workers say he’s ‘the same old Matt.’

Yorkton says the event started off as a small barbeque with a couple of fire trucks, then people from across the capital region began asking if they could come out and show their support. He says the outcome is overwhelming and it’s great to see everyone supporting Schuman’s second chance.

“It’s always nice to see that people step up,” Buckley says adding, “I think we’re all lucky he’s here.”

“Our first concern was Matt and the families, so we wanted to make sure we were there for them,” says Yorkston.

All of the money raised from Saturday’s event will go into the “In Trust for Matthew Schuman” trust fund. The money will go towards Schuman’s two and half year old son’s education. It will also be used to help fly Schuman’s family to Edmonton more often, as they live in Ontario.

Anyone who would like to help out can go into any TD Bank and as for “In Trust for Matthew Shuman.”

With files from Jenna Bridges. 


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