Lethbridge Humane Society out of space: ‘we are overloaded’

Click to play video: 'Lethbridge Humane Society is out of room for rescued pets'
Lethbridge Humane Society is out of room for rescued pets
WATCH ABOVE: The Lethbridge Humane Society is at capacity for cats and dogs. Volunteers say no more animals can fit in their shelter, until some start to find forever homes – Jul 22, 2016

There is no vacancy at the Lethbridge Humane Society, staff said Friday.

The shelter is packed to the brim with dogs and cats waiting to go home with a loving family. However, manager Barb Grodzicky said the major problem is with the feline friends.

“It is very stressful because we have more than we should have,” Grodzicky said. “It’s stressful on the volunteers because there is more work involved – you’re more crowded so it’s stressful on the cats, too. The dogs…there’s only so many spaces.”

There isn’t a lack of interest in the animals that get left at the shelter: Grodzicky said adoptions are happening quite frequently.

The bigger problem, especially for the cats, is that some owners aren’t spaying and neutering the animals, creating a vicious cycle.

“They let them out, and they are pregnant when they come home,” Grodzicky said. “Then there’s babies and then they have a hard time finding homes… and if they go to homes and they aren’t spayed and neutered, it just creates that process all over again.”

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“Spay and neuter! If everyone did spay and neuter it will help a lot. Right now it’s not going to help immediately because there are so many out there looking for places.”

Thankfully, there is no shortage of love from volunteers at the shelter while the furry friends wait to go to their new home. But, there is nothing like the love they will get from their future families.

The society said the return rate for pets that get adopted is low. They make sure to do their research so the animal is right for the family – and the family is right for the animal.


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