Dog thrown from roof on video found alive, animal rights activists say

Click to play video: 'Dog survives being  thrown off a building'
Dog survives being thrown off a building
GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: A slow motion video of a dog being thrown off a building has gone viral on social media. Animal right activist rescued the dog after being abused – Jul 5, 2016

WARNING: This post contains video footage and details some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

A small dog has reportedly been found alive, but injured, after a widely shared video showed it being tossed from the roof of a building in southern India.

The video, which animal rights activists shared on social media Monday, depicts a man holding the canine by the neck and back and smiling for the camera before tossing the pup to the ground below.

The dog can be heard crying in pain as it hit the ground.

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Within hours of the video being posted to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, Shravan Krishnan, the co-founder of a dog kennel in the southern city of Chennai, announced on his Facebook account a complaint had been filed with local authorities.

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Krishnan, in a separate Facebook post, offered to personally pay 10,000 rupees (about C$193) as a reward for any information that would lead to the arrest of the man who threw the dog and the person who captured the video.

The Indian branch of Human Society International offered 10 times that amount — 100,000 rupees (C$1,927).

According to Krishnan’s Facebook posts, the dog was believed to be dead and that the incident had happened two weeks earlier.

But he posted again late Tuesday, she had actually been found alive and she will be taken for treatment.

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“The dog has been found alive. She is not able to walk properly. She is with us now. Will be under treatment. What breaks my heart is that she was still wagging her tail,” Krishnan wrote.

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Global News reached out to Krishnan via Facebook but did not receive a response by the time publication.

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According to Britain’s the Daily Mail Inspector Frank Das Rubean of the T13 Kundrathur police station, near Chennai, said two men have been charged with animal cruelty related offences.

The man suspected of throwing the dog from atop the building has been named in reports as 23-year-old Gowtham Sudharshan, while the man accused of capturing it all on camera has been named as 23-year-old Ashish Paul.

Both men, according to social media posts and the Daily Mail, are classmates at medical college near Chennai.

“Both Gowtham and Ashish are currently on the run, however the college management has asked their parents to help and cooperate in the investigation,” Insp. Rubean told the Daily Mail. “The parents have promised to get their children to the police station by tomorrow.”

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