Nickelback makes this weatherman’s Canada Day weekend

Chad Kroeger of Nickelback with Global News Winnipeg's, Mike Koncan in 2015.

WINNIPEG — As a weather man I’m used to taking some flak. “Why isn’t it raining, Mike?” “That doesn’t look like snow to me.” “The only guy who can be wrong every day and still get paid is the weatherman.”

I’ve heard it all and I don’t mind it one bit.

I also count myself part of a large group that is silent until our favourite rockers come to town. I’m a Nickelback fan and I’m proud of it.

I know they’re the band everyone loves to hate, but I don’t care. I actually listen to their music and enjoy it. I like rock music and I think they’re one of the few bands who still makes it. Name the best rock band today? If Coldplay comes to mind as a rock band, I think I’ve made my point.

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This morning (the day before Canada Day) I got a huge injection of Canadiana. Nickelback followed me on Twitter.

Trying to re-tell the sequence of events is kind of a pain and makes me sound like a teenager. But the the main point is the band liked a tweet I was mentioned in. I then tweeted about it, and they tweeted about my tweet. Boom! Followed.

Yes, I’m one of the 354 twitter accounts they follow. Not too shabby. I hope they enjoy the daily weather updates on Winnipeg weather from 6-9 a.m. CT.

I’ve liked Nickelback for a long time and two years ago, I met the band.

I was at a work lunch with some Global New Winnipeg and 99.1 Fresh FM employees. We were talking about cross promotional stuff, like having the hosts on to talk about big concerts coming to the city, like Katy Perry and One Direction.

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“What about Nickelback?” I asked. The table cracked up. It was my best joke of the day. But I was serious. Once they calmed down, one of the Fresh FM guys said, “Tell you what. If Nickelback comes to town, I’ll hook you up.”

Well, Nickelback came to Winnipeg and I mooched myself a sweet pair of tickets that came with a meet-and-greet pass. Amazing! I met the band then rocked my face off at MTS Centre.

Look at this Photograph. Nickelback in Winnipeg meeting with Global’s Mike Koncan and René Carriere. Mike Koncan

If you’ve read this far, thanks for putting up with my “fangirl” story. If you want to give their music a shot, here’s a link to my favourite song. Nickelback closed the show with it in Winnipeg.

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