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Mike Koncan

Weather Anchor/Reporter

Mike Koncan joins Global Winnipeg as the Morning News weather specialist, weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

As a self-admitted morning person, Mike is eager to collect and deliver comprehensive weather information to Manitobans. Mike understands the importance of providing the most current and accurate information as people head out for the day.

Mike has dabbled in everything from sports programming to comedy. His resume includes working for broadcasters as diverse as the Home Shopping Network and Rogers TV.

“Ever since I was young I wanted a career in broadcasting,” Mike admits. He got a taste of broadcasting on the campus radio and television stations at Brock University in Ontario. He knew he wanted more and attended Ryerson University, focusing on television.

A newcomer to Manitoba, Mike was seen by Ontarians hosting Rogers TV programs such as Friday Night Live, Daytime, High School SportsZone, Everything But Hockey and the sports segment First Local.

Though new to Manitoba, Mike has family and memories in Winnipeg, including seeing Gretzky play against the ‘old’ Winnipeg Jets at the old Winnipeg arena. He has very much enjoyed the NHL’s return to the city.

Mike is excited about the more casual style of Morning News, as his years in comedy have endowed him with the ability to work with information on the fly… and speaking of fly, as an avid outdoorsman, Mike wants to try fly-fishing in his new home province.

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